What is the Agenda section and how to create a session?

Step-by-step explanation on how to set up the agenda or the event's programme

📷 Image characteristics

Session image (❗only for the App): the image must be png. or jpg. with a ratio of 16:9.

What is the Agenda section?

The Agenda section is where you upload the event programme and the information about the sessions. In addition, some configurations can be made on the sessions:

  • Activate the streaming
  • Activate the session's interactivity options (questions to the speaker, live voting, group chat)
  • Limit the session to one or more itineraries
  • Upload a document

How to create and configure a session?

To upload a session, you must go to the App panel and select the Agenda section. Next, click on the "New Session +" button and a pop-up will appear; there you can fill in the following information:

  • Session Title. You can edit it in all the languages ​​that you have activated
  • Location. This section is more fitting for physical events, if you are hosting a virtual event, this section may not interest you. You can edit it in all the languages ​​that you have activated
  • Description. Additional information about the session. You can edit it in all the languages ​​that you have activated

NOTE 📒 The description section supports HTML. Here you can put images and even links with HTML language. 

  • Start Date
  • Session start and end time
  • Room. If you have defined physical rooms in the section, you can assign the room in which the session takes place.
  • Tracks. Here a drop-down will be shown with the tracks you have created 👉 What is a track and how is it configured?
  • Moderator. Person who will moderate the session. A drop-down will appear with all the speakers created
  • Speaker. Speaker/s who will teach the session. In case of having more than one speaker, once selected in the drop-down menu, you can select the next one 👉 How to link a speaker to an Agenda's session?
  • Sponsors. Company/s sponsoring the session. Here you will see the drop-down of companies that you have previously entered in the Sponsors section 👉 What is the sponsors module?
  • Map point. if you have virtual spaces defined you can add them in the session 👉 What are virtual spaces and how to configure them?  
  • Document attach a .pdf file with information, for example, from the session. 


1. Information for attendees

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2. Modality


3. Session configuration

REMEMBER❗You have to select the "Save" button. Keep in mind that you can edit or delete the information through the buttons to the right of each session 👉 How can I edit the agenda once it has been created?

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