How to set up the landing page?

Create the perfect landing page and increase attendee conversion for your event.

Before we begin, a bit of theory: what is a landing page✈️?

A landing page is a web page developed with the sole purpose of attracting attendees to your event. Generally, they have a simple design with basic event information and an invitation to register through a signup form (CTA = call to action 💪).

How to set up a landing page:

From the Registration Dashboard, go to the Landing section in the sidebar menu. Here, you'll find three sections: Configuration, Design, and Modules.


The first thing you need to do in the configuration section is to enable the "Activate Landing ✈️" switch.

You have the option to include the registration form within the landing page or enable registration on a separate page. By activating the "Registration on a new page" switch, you enable the second option.

TIP💡: The registration form is configured in the Registration Form section of the Registration Dashboard. 👉 How to create a registration form? This form is then included in the landing page.

The Title for search engines and Description for search engines sections are used to indicate what you want to appear when people search for the landing page. It includes the desired title and a meta description of the landing page's content. This description will appear below the title and URL of your page as it appears in search engine results.

Lastly, if you want to have a video or streaming on your landing page, you need to activate the "Enable video/streaming" switch and embed the URL according to the specified format for the chosen platform (YouTube, Vimeo, custom).

REMEMBER 📢: You must have previously activated the "Enable Streaming" and "Activate on Main Screen" switches in the Virtual Event or App Dashboard, in the Streaming section.


Here you can configure the logo, color (HEX), and cover background of the landing page ✈️. If you don't configure these fields, it will automatically take what you have set for the Virtual Event.

For extra information about the images 👉 Landing Page Branding

Additionally, you have six switches that you can activate or deactivate according to your needs:

  • Enable Side Menu: This replaces the tabs in the top menu with a "grid-type" side menu.
  • Text on Cover: Adds the event name (configured in the General Information section, General subsection) in front of the cover background image.
  • Show Map in Footer 🗺️: If you configure the coordinates of your event's location in the General Information section, Location subsection, you can display the location on the map at the bottom of the landing page.
  • Floating CTA: Call-to-Action (CTA) button for registration located at the bottom right, permanently visible as you scroll up or down the landing page.
  • Cover CTA: Registration button on the cover.
  • Show Hero Shadow: To make the cover image shadowed (darker).


In this section, you have modules that you can activate and make visible on your landing page. To do this, simply activate the switches for the modules you want to display.

IMPORTANT ❗: You must configure the modules beforehand for their content to appear. Click on the "Go to Content" link for each module, and it will redirect you to the corresponding section in the side menu.

  • Agenda 📆: By activating the Agenda module switch, you will see the session titles of the event that you have configured in the Agenda section. 👉 What is the Agenda section and how to create a session?
  • Speakers 🗣️: The speakers of your event will appear. If you want to learn more about the Speakers module, click 👉 here.

For the display of speakers, you have three types of layouts: Basic, Pro, and Pro Hover. You can select your preferred layout by clicking the "Edit" button.

  • Exhibitors: Similar to the previous module, if you activate the Exhibitors switch, the exhibitors of your event will be displayed.

There are also three types of layout: Default, Full, and Full Hover. You can select your preferred layout by clicking the "Edit" button.

  • Sponsors: You will find profiles of the event sponsors. If you want to learn more about the Sponsors module, click 👉 here

Sponsors also have three types of layout: Basic, Box, and Grid. You can select your preferred layout by clicking the "Edit" button.

  • Interactive Spaces: If you have virtual spaces in your event, you can activate the module and select which one you want to appear on the landing page. 👉 What are virtual spaces and how to configure them?
  • Countdown ⏳: It is the countdown to the start date of your event. It will disappear once the event is live. It corresponds to the date and time you have indicated in the General Information section.
  • News 📰: If you have news in the news section, you can activate the switch, and they will appear on the landing page.
  • Inscription: you can add the registration form.
  • Exhibitor Products: it shows the products that exhibitors have created at their booth 👉 Booth Manager Guide - Products

TIP 💡: This module is aimed at giving visibility to exhibitor content in the attendee acquisition process (for selling tickets). It is particularly interesting for trade fairs and hubs where companies play a significant role (product and service offerings, job offers/demands).

Options to customize modules on the landing page ✈️:

Change the name: To do this, click on the "Edit" button and enter the name in the title field. You also have the option to hide it by activating the "Hide title on landing page" switch.

Change the name in each language: If it is a multilingual event, remember to assign the name to the modules in the corresponding languages. To do this, click on the button with the 🌐 symbol, select a language, and edit the titles of each module. Repeat the operation for all event languages.

Order of appearance: If you want the modules to appear in a specific order, simply click on the "six-dot" button (drag & drop) and drag the module up or down to move it. Release it where you want to place it.

You now have your virtual event landing page ready 🚀. Get ready to receive visitors and convert!