What is the Exhibitors module and how to upload the content?

Discover how to create exhibitors and categorize them

📷 Image characteristics

Exhibitors' logos should be square in shape and in either .png or .jpg format. Make sure to provide ample margins to prevent any cutoff on various screens where they will be displayed, including Virtual Venue Web, App, and Landing.

The Exhibitors module compiles a list of exhibitors present at the fair, conference, or event. It displays the stand numbers, provides contact information for the exhibiting company's representatives, and showcases basic information such as the logo, name, description, etc.

You can create as many exhibitors as necessary for your event through the Exhibitors section of the dashboard. Once there, click on the "Create exhibitor" button.

You also have the option to import the exhibitors 👉How to Import Exhibitors in Bulk?


In the pop-up window, you can enter all the basic exhibitor information, their logo, and their contact details.

TIP 💡: there is the option to link agenda sessions to exhibitors.
+ info 👉 How to link sessions from the agenda to exhibitors?

Exhibitor Categories

There's an option to create different categories for exhibitors, allowing you to group the created exhibitors if needed. To create these categories, navigate to the "New Category" section and complete the information in the displayed pop-up.


Exhibitor subcategories

Within the exhibitor categories there is the option to create different subcategories. Thus, exhibitors previously grouped into categories can be grouped more precisely by creating more specific subcategories.

To do this, you must go to the New category section and once inside you will see the option to 'Add subcategory'  where you can add the ones you want.


Furthermore, there are two types of exhibitors based on the Meetmaps plan you've chosen:

Product Categories

The event organizer can create categories for the premium exhibitors' products.

TIP💡: in the Exhibitors > Settings section you can activate the public exhibitor catalog. This catalog is a separate URL of all the exhibitors.


METRICS 🔢 You can access metrics for visits to exhibitors, interactions, meetings, etc.

+ info 👉 How to download the event metrics?