What is the check-in section and how is it configured?

In this article, we explain all the steps for you to carry out the control access for your event as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The check-in module is used to monitor the entries and exits of the attendees and determine the capacity of your event.


All attendees must access the event with a QR code.

There are 3 possibilities:

  • Sent via email with the QR code.

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  • Activating the Digital Accreditation QR module in the App. To activate the modules, refer to the article 👉 "How to configure modules?". If you don't have access to the App yet, get in touch with the Meetmaps sales team.
  • With a Badge/Accreditation. 👉 You can create it with the assistance of the Badge Builder Guide.

To configure this module, go to the Settings section in the Registration Panel by entering the Check-in section in the left-hand side menu.

There are 5 customizable fields based on your needs:

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  • Activate check-in: ⚠️ IMPORTANT, you have to activate it to carry out check-in ⚠️.
  • Activate Counter mode: Add attendees manually to the capacity from the check-in APP without the need for prior registration. Acts as a digital clicker.
  • Maximum capacity: Specify the maximum capacity for your event per day.
  • Acceso to the event or a room: In these two fields, you have two options:
    • No restrictions: The same QR can be scanned multiple times without the need for check-out.
    • Only one entry at a time: The QR of each attendee can only be used once. Only if there is a subsequent check-out can it be scanned again. Allow check-in without the need for prior general check-in: Perform check-in for specific sessions without scanning the QR code at the entrance of the event.
  • Allow check-in in session without the need to do general check-in before: Perform check-in for specific sessions without the need to scan the QR code at the entrance of the event.

On the right side, you will find the readers 📲:

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They are used to access the Check-in app with the devices that will scan the QR codes of the event (for example, for the hostesses in the access control).

When you create a reader, it provides you with a username and a password that must be used to log in to the Check-in app.

❗❗ It is necessary to create a reader for each device that will be used.

TIP 💡 Event administrators can also use the Check-in App to scan using their email and password, but they have to be attenndees of the event too.

From here, follow the Check-in App Guide 📲 to execute the access control for your event.

Event Metrics 📊

For the day of the event and post-event, we have the Access Control section, where you can find various metrics for the event.

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  • Registered attendees: The number of people who have registered for the event. Guests who have not yet registered do not count for this metric.
  • Presented Attendees: The number of attendees who have scanned their QR code.
  • Event attendance: The percentage (%) of attendees who have checked in at the event compared to the total registered.
  • Current event capacity of the event: The number of attendees currently at the event. Result of check-ins minus check-outs.

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  • Event Attendance: Specifies the day and the number of attendees who have been scanned.

EXPORTS 🔢 : You can export two lists in this section:

  • Presenteds list: First check-in of each attendee who has presented at the event.
  • History of access to the event: All instances when a QR code was scanned, along with the timestamp.

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  • Current capacity by room: The number of attendees currently present in each room at that moment.

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  • Attendance at sessions: The number of individuals who have accessed each session.

📢 In this section, you can export the access history for the rooms.

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  • Attendance at the event by role: The number of attendees who have accessed the event for each role. In the article 👉 "How to link a role to an attendee?" we explain how to create roles and assign them to attendees.


The property you use as a role has the Accreditation switch activated.

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  • Attendees with on-site printing: In case on-site printing of accreditations is used, you can view this metric.

Finally, in the upper right corner, we have three options:

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  • Reset counter: Reset the counter/clicker to 0.
  • Complete checkout: To perform a check-out for all attendees of the event. It can be for both general access or for specific rooms.

TIP💡 In the case of a multi-day event, we recommend performing a complete check-out at the end of each day.

📲 If you want to access pro features such as room-specific check-in, manual attendee validation, personalized QR codes, or activate auto-printing, contact with the Meetmaps team.