How to configure modules?

Learn how to activate a module, change the order, and configure in other languages in your Virtual Event Web and App

In the sidebar, go to the Modules section and select the Menu tab.

The screen will be divided into two blocks. On the left, you'll see the available modules that are not activated (those that do not appear in your event); and on the right, the active modules visible in your event:


Activate, deactivate, and edit each module

To activate the modules, click on the "+" symbol in the Deactivated Modules section:


To deactivate them, edit their names, or create itineraries, click on the three dots:


Module order

You can configure the order of the modules by manually dragging them. Hover over the six dots to have the option to drag them.



You can also configure which module is the welcome module when you enter the App or EVweb 👉 How to change the welcome module for your Virtual Event?

Decide where the modules are displayed

In the app, you can decide where the modules can be accessed from:

  • Sidebar App: It will appear in the collapsible sidebar menu.
  • Bottom App: It will be anchored in the bottom bar of the app.
  • Direct access in the main menu: It will appear on the app's home screen as buttons.

And in the case of the Virtual Web Event, if you want it to be displayed in the top menu, you should activate the Web Superior tick.

Configure modules in more than one language

Finally, if you have a multi-language event and want to edit the names of the modules in different languages, you must select the desired language from the dropdown, and the texts will change:

+ info 👉 How to configure Modules in a multi-language event?

REMEMBER 📢 that the languages that you have contracted and configured in General Settings will be displayed.


Create new modules from scratch

It is also possible to create modules of the following types:

  • URL In
  • URL Out
  • Blank Page
  • Section
  • Chart
  • HTML Page
  • Stage
  • Exhibitor
  • Rooms

METRICS 🔢you can download the number of views that have occurred in the modules from the mobile app.

+ info 👉 How to download the event metrics?