Badge Builder Guide

If you are organizing an onsite event with access control, you can take advantage of Meetmap’s new feature, the Badge Builder

The Badge Builder is a innovative tool that will allow you to create customized badges for your events attendees. 

Do you know 👉 Meetmaps Check-In App? It complements the Badge Builder perfectly to allow a seamless process. 

With the Badge Builder you will be able to personalize the badge according to your needs and preferences. This tool is fully intuitive; therefore, you won‘t need advanced knowledge in graphic design or photoshop to create an amazing badge. The editing process is simple and easy to understanding. It allows you to change the color, shape, font and text in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, if you have assigned your attendees with different categories, you can create different badges for each one of them. For example, if in your event you have staff, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, VIP attendees or general attendees, you could create one different design for each. 

The event badge not only grants access to the users, but it also provides you with important information to measure metrics and to control the space capacity easily. 

Now that you know the basic elements, is time to learn how to create a badge with our Badge Builder.

Afterwards, you will be able to customize the already created Badge.

Finally, here you can discover how to generate and send the badges.