How does the access panel work?

As an event planner, are you interested in viewing access to your event from a single panel, with updated information at the moment? If so, keep reading

If your event has access control contracted with Meetmaps, you will be able to have clear and visual attendance information for each participant, all in one place: the Access Dashboard 👨‍💻.

How to access the Access Panel?

Go to the Registration Dashboard and click on the Check-in section in the left-hand side menu. Once there, click on the "Access Panel" button.

By doing so, a page will open where you will find a list of all event attendees, along with additional information such as their name, email, company, and attendee status, indicating whether the user has already accessed the event or not:

On the right side of the screen, there are 7 options for the organizer:

  • Accreditation Button: Allows the organizer to download the attendee's accreditation with a background in .pdf format. Clicking once generates the badge, and clicking a second time downloads the document. Refer to the 👉Badge Builder Guide.

  • Accreditation without Background Button: Enables the organizer to download the attendee's accreditation without the design background in .pdf format. You also need to click twice to generate and download the document.

  • Note 📃 Button: Generates a sticker of the attendee's badge or accreditation. This can be useful for printing and giving a badge to an attendee who can't find theirs and sticking the sticker onto cardboard.

  • Printer 🖨️ Button: Marks the user as accredited, even if it was done through manual printing. Normally, when a user scans their QR code, their accreditation is automatically printed, and the platform counts this user as registered.

  • Lock 🔒 Button: This button can be used to change the attendee's personal access code.

  • Pencil ✏️ Button: Allows editing the attendee's information. Important: You can only edit fields that were previously added in the Properties - On-Site Registration section. 👉 What is the On-Site Registration tab in the Properties module?

  • Red Trash Can 🗑️ Button: This button allows deleting an attendee's registration. CAUTION ❗: If this is done, the user is removed from the entire dashboard.

CAUTION ❗: If this is done, the user is removed from the entire dashboard.

What else 💁?

At the upper left corner of the page, you have the option to quickly add an attendee without needing to import them or have them register through the form.
Clicking the "New attendee/Nuesvo asistente" button will open a pop-up with the fields you've configured in the Properties > On-Site Registration section. When you're done, simply click the checkmark ☑️ to save the data and register the new attendee.

On the other hand, you can easily search for an attendee using the search icon 🔍.

Additionally, at the upper right corner, you'll find a summary of event access, showing the total attendees, attendees who have accessed, and whether their accreditation has been printed automatically or manually.

Last but not least: to the left of each attendee, there's a green button with an arrow that allows you to change the status from "Not Present" to "In the event," manually marking the attendee's access. When you click on this button, a pop-up will appear notifying you that "Check-in will be performed for this attendee, are you sure?" If you accept, the attendee will be accredited and their status will change to "In the event/En el evento"

TIP 💡: Share this link to the Access Panel page with the attendants who will manage access control during your event. There's no need to be a dashboard administrator or have a username and password to use it 😜.