Check-in App Guide

Do you need a tool that allows you to control the capacity of the event and, with which you can also have the metrics updated at all times and at your fingertips? If so, the Meetmaps Check-in app interests you

The Check-in Meetmaps app allows you to manage access to an event and, at the same time, creates an updated list that shows those attendees who have shown up for the event ✔️and those who have not yet ❌. These data are updated instantly giving you secure information at the moment. 

The Check-in Meetmaps app is available for both iOS (from version 11.0, inclusive) and Android  (from version 5.0, inclusive) and is totally free.

How does the Check-in Meetmaps app work?

When you access the Check-in Meetmaps app, by entering the username and password, all the events in which you are an administrator or an external user 👇 Who can manage the Check-in Meetmaps app at the event?  You just have to choose the specific event where you are going to carry out access control, or use the search engine to locate it quickly.

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When accessing the event, you will find the list of attendees who are currently registered. If you click on the round black button 🔘 at the bottom of the screen, the camera of your mobile device will open to scan the QR codes.

REMEMBER 📢: you must have sent attendees their personal QR code by email, or have activated the Accreditation Digital QR module so that it is available from the mobile devices of event attendees 👉 How to make a module visible?
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If the QR code of the attendee scanned with the Check-in Meetmaps app is correct and they have access to that particular event, the screen will turn green 💚 and display a text welcoming the attendee, indicating that the attendee has made the check-in. access or "IN". If you don't have it, it will turn red 🔴, indicating that the attendee does not have permission to participate and access the room.

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The Check-in Meetmaps app allows you to control access ➡️ to the venue, but also to check out ⬅️. To be able to scan the QR of the attendees and mark their exit from the event, all you have to do is click on the same button 🔘 to open the device's camera from the list of registered attendees and then click on the green "IN" button. . Doing so will open a pop-up that asks Do you want to go to OUT ⬅️? and thus go to out mode, the mode that registers the exit of the venue.

TIP 💡: It may seem like a no-brainer to you, but the idea is to have the attendee's entrance to the venue already registered in order to register their exit later 😜

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It could happen that a user registered in the event cannot find or cannot present the QR at .the access. If so, you can be credited manually from the Check-in Meetmaps app itself, keep reading 👇

By clicking on the arrow at the top left ⬅️ of the screen from the "camera 🔘" mode, you can return to the list of attendees. There you can search for assistants with the search engine 🔍 . Once located, sliding your finger over the attendee's name to the right will display a green IN ➡️ button and a yellow OUT ⬅️ button. If the green is clicked, the attendee is validated and his access is recorded.

You can also add manually an attendee that is not in the database from the 👤 symbol at the top right. A form opens with the fields that are essential. You can add mandatory fields (which are highlighted with an *) and optional fields.

The last two mandatory fields are:

1.Mark as: depending on whether you check in the attendee when they have already arrived at the event or if you check them in from the app before they arrive.
    1. Presented: once Accredited, you will be automatically checked-in to the event.
    2. Not presented: Will register and appear in the list, but will maintain the absent status. Once you arrive at the event, you can print your badge or check-in manually.

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2. On-site printing: depending on whether we want to activate badge printing at the event or if we do not have this service, we will select one option or another.
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There is more! 😍The Check-in Meetmaps app also allows you to have updated metrics at all times.

On the top right you will find a graphics button 📊; clicking there will display some metrics that include:

  1. Number of event attendees
  2. Attendance percentage
  3. Number of attendees presented
  4. Rush hour of accesses
  5. Support Summary
  6. capacity control

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IMPORTANT ❗: if there is more than one device scanning the entrances and exits, some data may take a while to update automatically. We recommend you to update the data manually in each of them to keep the information as accurate as possible, minute by minute.

To do so, click the Menu button > Update data.

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The Check-in Meetmaps app not only allows you to control the capacity at your event but also to track attendance in real time. As if that were not enough, its use is very simple and intuitive. Are you in ➡️?