What is the Payments module and what is it used for?

Whether you have a registration form with entries, products, or a schedule with session sales, this module will help you have better control over the accounts.

First of all, go to the Registration Dashboard. We remind you how to do this in 👉 Which are the 3 dashboard types?

In the left sidebar menu, you'll find the "Payments" section. Here's how to interpret the information displayed here:


  • Total Volume 💰: shows the figure equivalent to the total income, minus service fees and refunds
  • Pending Settlement Balance: refers to the difference between the total volume and the already settled balance
  • Settled Balance: the amount already transferred to your account


Payments Section

In this section, the details of received payments are displayed, including the date, concept (ticket or entry purchase, products, or session purchase), customer's name and username who made the purchase, the amount paid, the calculation of the corresponding commission, refunds, and payment status.


What else can you do in this section? 

  • Use the search function 🔎 to quickly locate users and their payments
  • Activate filters to display payments received per day or all together
  • Download ⬇️ the list of received payments with data such as email, amount, currency, date, refunded amount, and commission. This file is downloaded in .csv format.



  1. Remember to activate the ticket sales. Additionally, if you want to make test payments or perform prior tests, follow these steps:

  2. Activate these two sections:

    • Enable test mode: The payment gateway will only accept test data. Show test payments: Only payments made during testing will be displayed.
    • Activate test mode: The payment gateway will only accept test data. Show test payments: Only payments made in the tests will be displayed.


3. Do the tests you want in the registration form with a "test" card:

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They say clear accounts maintain friendship 😇; regularly visit the Payments module to keep track of your sales.