What are Basic Exhibitors?

Discover what a Basic Exhibitor is, how you can set it up, and make the most of it.

An exhibitor at an online event is as important as it is at an in-person event. These exhibitors allow companies to make themselves known or even present products, services, or news.

NOTE 🗒️: In our Event Management Software, you can create two types of exhibitors depending on the product you have contracted:

What is a Basic Exhibitor? 

In this type of exhibitor, you can add basic information about it:

  • Logo
  • Description
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram)
  • Category / subcategory

You can create categories and subcategories of exhibitors in App & Web > Exhibitors > Categories to classify them and make it easier for event attendees to find them using these filters.

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  • Stand
  • Vídeo

How to create a Basic Exhibitor?

1. Go to App & Web > Exhibitors and click on the "New Exhibitor +".

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2. Upon doing so, a pop-up will open where you can add the information of the Basic Exhibitor.

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