What are Premium Exhibitors?

Discover what a Premium Exhibitor is, how to configure it, and how to make the most of it.

Los expositores Premium son aquellos que permiten más personalizaciones:
  • Company logo (also basic exhibitors)
  • Description  (also basic exhibitors
  • Telephone and contact email, website, Social Networks  (also basic exhibitors)
  • Custom banner
  • Custom background
  • Video
  • Contact me through chats and/or meetings
  • Custom html
  • Documents (PDF, JPEG or PNG)
  • Photo gallery
  • Privacy Policy Settings Lead Scanner
  • Categories (also basic exhibitors)

They also include these features:

  • Metrics
  • Products
  • Stand members (messaging and/or meetings). In the case in which your virtual event includes 1to1 Meetings with Exhibitors (stands) 👉 How to create meetings for exhibitors?

How to set up a Premium Exhibitor

1. Create a new basic exhibitor.

+ info 👉 What are Basic Exhibitors?

2. Once this basic exhibitor has been created, you can activate the Premium functionality:

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3. The next step is to decide how to manage the premium exhibitor, there are two ways:

Option A
The event organizer fills in all the premium exhibitor information. To do this, you just have to click on the house and a window will open:

Option B

As the organizer of the event, you assign an administrator to fill out all the information.
+ info 👉 How to grant administrators of stands access to configure their exhibitor space?



To learn the characteristics of a Basic Exhibitor, click here.