What are properties and how to create them?

We explain what properties are and how to create, edit, or activate them for your virtual event.

What are properties and how to create them?

Properties are fields that provide information about attendees at your event, and they are important because:

  • We can collect data from attendees.
    Example: In the registration form, we collect the property "Company Type" ,"Interests", etc.
  • Make specific configurations depending on the properties you set up with single-choice properties. +info 👉 How to link a role to an attendee?
    Example: We upload the attendee database and create a single-choice property (or field) named "Attendee Type" (Attendee or VIP). Then, we can configure that:
         - Attendee Type - Attendee >> can access social modules: "Messages", "1-to-1 Meetings", etc.
         - Attendee Type - VIP >> does not appear in these social modules nor has them visible.

How to create, edit, and activate properties?

To begin, you must click on "Properties" in the side menu of the dashboard. Once there you will have three options:

1) Create a property

In the "Properties" section, click on "Add property" (upper right button) and the following menu will appear. To create a new property click on "Add property":


Once done, the property creation menu will appear, in which you can choose the name of your new property, add an explanatory text if you consider it necessary and, finally, add the type of response that this property will have.

+ info 👉 What response options are available when creating a property?


IMPORTANT ❗: Before creating a property, check if this property is already created. Never create new properties that are already pre-set as they can interfere with the optimal behavior of the platform

NOTE 🗒️: The basic information of an attendee will already appear as a configured property, such as: name, surname, company, position, contact email, country, province, etc.

Already pre-set properties:


2) Activate a property:

As you have already seen in the previous image, when you click on "Properties" and on "+ Add property" you will see a list of pre-created properties and, just below, the properties that you have already created.


To activate any of these properties you just have to click on the white box next to the property name, and when it turns blue that property will already be activated.

3. Edit a property

From the properties screen, you can see all those properties that you have activated. To edit one of them, you just have to click on "Edit" in the chosen one and a menu will appear where you can edit this property.

+ info 👉 How to edit a Property?


Keep in mind that you will not be able to edit those properties that have been pre-set by the platform