What is the Join Form?

Discover the usefulness of the Join Form tab in the Properties section.

The Join Form tab is used to create properties (fields) that we want users to fill out before accessing the event (on the web and app). The purpose of this section is to complete the attendee's profile once they have registered for the event, as at this point it may be useful to ask for some data that is not suitable for the Registration Form, such as a photo (useful for networking) or social media profile.

From this section, you can:

  • Check the properties (fields) that you have selected to be shown in the Join Form.
  • Add a Property: Click the green "Add property" button to attach a new property to your form. If you want to know more about how to add a property, click here.
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  • Change the order of the properties in your event's Join Form: Click the six dots on the right of the selected Property and drag it up or down according to your preference.
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PRO TIP 💡: Open another tab with the list of wizards and after having changed the order of the properties, refresh and see how the order of the columns has changed.

  • Edit the properties already created with the information that interests you: Click the "Edit" button of the property you want to edit.
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Remember that in the pop-up that appears when you press the "Edit" button, you can:

    • Change the name of the selected Property.
    • Change the type of field or property, for example, make it a multiple selection property instead of a single selection. If you want to know more about the available response types, click here.
  • Activate the "Mandatory field" switch, in case you want that Property to be a mandatory response in the Join Form. On the contrary, if you leave it deactivated, it will remain as an optional field to fill out.

NOTE 🗒️: Remember that the Join Form only needs to be filled out the first time the attendee accesses the event, and they must click "I accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy" to access the event.

NOTE 🗒️: If you are going to import a database into Meetmaps' Event Management Software in the Join Form and have defined a legal notice text and level 1 of privacy (RGPD type), it will also appear here. On the other hand, if your event uses Meetmaps' registration form, these will no longer appear as they will have been accepted during registration. If you want to know more, see this article.

PRO TIP 💡: If it's an event with networking in the Join Form, use the Photo field so that users must upload a photo when they log in. You can also take advantage of this field to request information that you didn't find appropriate to ask for in the registration form.

Types of Join Form:

  1. Access with Form:

This is the standard form where the user will have to fill in the fields you have defined, and there may be mandatory and optional fields. If you already have user information in the database, it will be shown here so that they can edit it if they consider it appropriate.

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2. Access without Form:

In this type of Join Form, you will only show the user the data that we have stored about them. This form will be used if you already have all the user's interesting information and consider that no further information needs to be requested. It is a much more agile access as they will only have to click on the green "Access" button. If the user needs to edit the data, they can do so once they have accessed the virtual event in the Edit Profile section. 6 EN-1                                          

To change the type of form, you must go to the Configuration section in the side menu and select the Access tab, and scroll down to find the Access Type section and a dropdown that allows you to select between access with form and access without form.

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