What is the "On-Site Registrations" tab in the Properties module?

Discover the configuration options available for the "On-Site Registrations" tab for your in-person events.

The "On-Site Registrations" tab is used to define the properties (fields) that will be used to credential new attendees during in-person events. In other words, it's the information you'll ask a new attendee to provide at the moment of registration in a physical event. on-site.

When defining these fields, you'll need to consider the essential information required from a new attendee to streamline the registration process and prevent long queues for new registrations.


Once inside the "On-Site Registration" tab, here are the configurations you can perform:

  • Add a Property: click on  "Add Property" button to attach a new property that you want to be filled in during the check-in process of the in-person event. To learn more about adding a property, click here.
  • Change the Order of Properties in the On-Site Registration for your event: Click on the six dots on the right side of the selected Property, and while holding the cursor, move it up or down as desired.


TIP 💡: open another tab with the attendee list, and after changing the order of properties, refresh the page to see how the column order has changed.

  • Edit previously created properties with the desired information: Click on the "Edit" button of the property you want to edit.


Remember that in the pop-up that appears when you press the "Edit" button, you can:

  • Change the name of the selected Property.
  • Add response options.
  • Change the field or property type, for example, making it a multiple-choice property instead of single-choice. To learn more about available response types, click here.
  • Activate the "Mandatory Field" switch if you want that property to be a required response.

NOTE 🗒️: remember that On-Site Registration is the type of check-in conducted in person at the event. To expedite the process and avoid long queues, we recommend that the information to be filled out is necessary and essential, such as contact email, attendee's full name, company, and title.

TIP 💡: You can create a property named "On-Site Registration" with response options yes/no, to distinguish attendees who have registered on-site.

How the On-Site Registration Check-In Panel is displayed

In the Access Panel

1. Go to Registration > Check-in > Access Panel
2. When you click "New attendee" the properties you defined at Properties > On-site Registrations will appear.


In the Meetmaps Check-in App