How to give access to premium exhibitor administrators to configure their stand?

Discover how to give access to premium stand administrators so they can complete their stand information and customize it to their liking.

Hiring  Premium Exhibitors  🔝 allows for a high level of customization in the stands: from corporate banners to fully customized backgrounds, the ability to upload documents, or embed HTML to add design.

 Another advantage is that you can authorize and grant access to the stand administrator to customize their own space with the corporate design of their preference, giving them more autonomy. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep on reading  💁.


  1. Add the stand administrator as a registered attendee of the event in the same way you register event attendees 

    +info👉  How to manually register an attendee?
  2. In the "Emails > Automated Emails" section, create an email using the Email Builder template, and select the "Exhibitor Portal Access" template.
    +info👉 How to create step by step an automated email with templates?
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TIP 💡: Modify this email and add instructions and information on how the exhibitor administrator can manage their virtual stand, or send them this 🚀 Stand Administrator's Guide 

3. Associate this new automated email with the sending event "When linking an exhibitor admin".

+info 👉 What does the moment of the delivery of automated emails mean?

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4. Now, from the App & Web Panel > Exhibitors, select an administrator from the dropdown menu for each exhibitor. This dropdown menu contains all the registered attendees in the Attendees List of the event (see point 1).
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NOTE 🗒️: You can only link one user as the administrator of each stand, meaning only one person can be responsible for the configuration and design of the space per exhibitor.


5. Finally, click on the "Link and Send Email" button to send the email (see point 3).

In this way, every time you select an administrator for an exhibitor and link it with email sending, the email 📧 will be sent, including the link to the exhibitor administrator, with the administrator's username and code automatically configured in point 3.

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IMPORTANT ❗If you send this link to the administrator, they will only be able to view the configuration portal for their own stand. They will not have access, through this action, to the configuration panel of other stands at your event.



IMPORTANT ❗: Sending this link to the stand admin will only grant access to their own portal setting, not to the rest of the exhibitors stands 

Once you‘ve linked the admin to their stand sending them the automated email with the credentials and portal access, they will be able to customize it with the following instructions 👉 Stand Administrator's Guide