What are automated emails?

These are scheduled emails that are sent when the user or organizer performs an action with the platform or event

User actions:

An automatic email can be sent when the user: 
  • Registers to the form and thus inform him/her that he/she has successfully registered. 

Organizer Actions:

An automatic email can be sent when the organizer:

  • Imports a database to the Attendee List
  • Manually enters a user to the Attendee List
  • Accepts a form registration request
  • Rejects a form registration request
  • Links a booth manager to your booth
  • Accept an abstract
  • Rejects an abstract
  • Enter registered attendees in the Attendee List via API
  • Enter registered in the Attendee List via Eventbrite 

Keep in mind that for an automated email to be sent, you must create the email and link it to the action or moment of sending. 

+ info 👉 What does the moment of the delivery of automated emails mean?

What you need to know about automated emails

To create an automated email, you can do it by uploading your own HTML or using the templates that Meetmaps makes available, the article👉 How to create an email from templates? Discover the Email Builder, will guide you in this process.  

Variables are used in the emails to make the content be sent in a personalized way to each user. The body of the email will be the same for everyone, but the variables will display the content in a personalized way for each user. Examples of variables are: user's name and surname, name of the event, user's email, user's access code, etc.

You can also send yourself a test to check from your mailbox how the email you have created will be displayed and make the appropriate modifications before scheduling the automated email sending, you can learn how to send the tests in the article 👉 How to send an automated email test?.

Below 👇 you will find an example of a test with one of our templates. As you will see, the variables are clearly identified, and once the automated email is programmed, it will be sent in a personalized way.

IMPORTANT ❗: The sending of the automated email is linked to an action done by the organizer or user and cannot be sent on demand when the organizer decides to do so. For this purpose, there are the campaigns, which allow sending emails when the organizer decides and even segment the mailings, i.e. send a certain email to a specific audience. Go to 👉 What are email campaigns? to know more about campaigns.