What are email campaigns?

Campaigns allow sending emails when and to whom you decide as many times as you like. 

Email campaigns allow sending emails to your audience quickly and easily without resorting to other email marketing systems like Mailchimp, creating an integrative communication strategy throughout the different steps of the event.  

How are campaigns different from automated emails?

Automated emails are sent automatically when the user or organizer does a specific action on the platform or event. Instead, with the campaigns, you decide when you want to do the sending, you do not have to wait for users to do a concrete action. 

Moreover, you can resend the campaign as many times as you need; however, with automated emails, they are only sent out once (when users have done the action).

On the other hand, campaigns allow segmented sending. This option allows the sending of a specific email to a concrete audience. However, with automated emails, the same email is sent each time a user conducts the corresponding action. 

If you want to know more about automated emails, check this article

Type of emails you can send with campaigns 

Campaigns are ideal to send Save The Date, invitations, promotions, statements, information, reminders, warnings, notifications, amongst many other emails. The sky is the limit! 🚀

It is very useful to create hype and keep your audience engaged! But remember, less is more; avoid spaming your audience if you do not want create the opposite effect 😉.  

PRO TIP 💡: Always aim to send appealing and valuable emails. The subject and the sender name are essential for a user to decide to read your email or throw it into the trashcan 🗑️. Never use words like WOW or FREE as mailing systems will directly redirect the email to the users' spam folder. 

Segmented sending 

With mailing campaigns, you will be able to send content to your attendees in a segmented way: 

  • By status: You can choose to send an email campaign only to the users that in the attendee list appear with the guest status, the registered status, or the user-activated status (What does each status mean?)  
    You can also choose those users pending for registration validation from the organizers part. 

REMEMBER 📢: Meetmaps offers the possibility to create a registration form that requires registration validation from the organizers. When a person completes the registration form, the user acquires the "pending validation" status, and the administrator will have the option to accept or reject the inscription request. 

  • By roles: you can send emails to specific roles. You will only have to choose between the roles list (or properties of unique selection type) created in the Event Management Software, and you will be able to do the sending to the users that have that role or property assigned.
  • By import of an external database: You can import a database directly in campaigns without having to previously upload them on the Attendee list.  

IMPORTANT ❗If you run an import campaign, keep in mind that it only captures the variables {user_name} and {user_email}.

Therefore, do not create import campaigns with other variables such as QR, {user_pass}, etc.

Examples of recommended campaigns

  • If the event is in a couple of days and you see that the number of users activated is low, send a campaign to the users that appear as registered to remind them of their password, access credentials, and platform link or App link so that they can access the content. 
  • If you invited users to register, but you still see that there are many that appear as guests instead of registered, send a campaign to these users as a reminder of the different advantages of the event or disclosing new details about the event while attaching the link to the registration form. 
  • The day before or a couple of hours before the event begins, send a campaign to the activated users and another one to the registered users reminding them that the event is about to start and that you cannot wait to see them. If you have any tips to make their experience more interesting, this is the right moment to share them. And to the users that still appear as registered, it is essential to remind them of their access credentials and event link. 

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