How to create step by step an automated email with templates?

Take advantage of the Email Builder to easily set up automated emails.

📷 Image characteristics

Email header and footer: 1200px x 300px .png or .jpg format. In the event that there are texts and logos, make sure to leave margins.

❗An alternative to both is to insert the LOGO COLOR (Settings > Design)

STEP-BY-STEP - Create automated emails with templates

From the Emails section in the left sidebar menu, go to the Automated tab and in the Settings section you should specify:

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  • Sender email: This is the address from which emails will be sent.
  • Sender name: This will be the name from which attendees will receive emails. For example: Data Science Congress Organization.
  • Header and footer email images: Automatic emails allow the organizer to personalize them with an event banner. Hover over the white box of Header and Footer Email to see the recommended dimensions. 
  • Support contact email: The address to which attendees will be redirected if they have any questions or issues.

To prevent sent emails from ending up in the Spam folder, the default sending email (also known as the sender email) will always be "".

ℹ️ If you prefer another email address as the sender email, please contact the Meetmaps team, and we will explain the conditions and implications.

Next, click on the "Create email" button in the My Emails section:

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When you do this, the following pop-up will appear with options to create the new email. Here, you should select "Create with Email Builder" and choose the template according to the message you want to configure: let's go for the Email Builder 💪!

➡️ You can also create an email from scratch by uploading your own HTML and thus have an email designed to your liking.

REMINDER 📢: If you have an account in Mailchimp or other email marketing systems, they allow you to generate the HTML, and then you can paste it into Meetmaps.

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The available templates are:

  • Registration invitation
  • Badge confirmation email
  • Registration confirmation
  • Email with credentials and access to the platform
  • App download email
  • Exhibitor portal access email
  • Attendee QR code access email
  • Save the date
  • Registration confirmation email with credential delivery
  • New chat message
  • New meeting request
  • Modify meeting
  • Reject meeting

When you select one of the templates, a window where you will edit the content of the email and customize the message will open 📝 The changes you make will be displayed in real-time on the right-hand side. They say love at first sight doesn't exist... 😍

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  • Enter an email name: It is an internal name and the user will not see it at any time. It will serve to identify each email from the "My Emails" section.
  • Write the subject of the email: It will be the subject that the email carries when sent, and therefore, it will be visible to the user.

The following modules are editable and can be added or deleted.

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Also, you have the option to choose whether you want the header and footer image or the event logo configured in the Settings > Design section to appear at the top of the email.

IMPORTANT❗: Remember to adjust the content of the emails in each language if you have a multilingual event. Also, if you edit the email in one language, you must do it in the rest of the languages as well.

To change the language, you just need to click on the language tab.

TIP 💡: On the bottom left, you have two buttons, one for variables and the other for copy HTML. In the Variables button, you'll find a dropdown of all the variables you can include in the chosen template. If you click on the Copy HTML button, the content will be copied to your clipboard, which you can paste into another "Created from scratch" email.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 11.16.43

Once you finish setting the content, click on the "Create email" button.

To review the content you have created, you can send yourself a test 👉 How to send an automated email test?

Keep in mind that since this is a test, any variables you have in the email will not be detected, as you are not actually performing the action to which you have linked the email, but rather a test.

To finish, and once you have the final version of the email, you must link it to the corresponding action in which you want the email to be sent. To do this, go to the Moment of the delivery section and link it to the one you desire.

To understand the meaning of each sending moment, refer to the article 👉 "What does the moment of the delivery of automatic emails mean?"

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IMPORTANT: As soon as you link the email, it will be sent automatically upon completing the corresponding action, and you must ensure it is the final version and that all links or buttons work correctly.

👀 Be careful because if the user or organizer performs the action before making this link, users will not receive any automatic emails, and the only way to send them the email will be through sending a campaign. 👉 What are email campaigns?

And you want to know how to create a campaign with Email Builder? 👉How to create step by step an email campaign with templates?