App Branding

Discover all the customization and design options for your Event App, in both the Eventsbox and the branded apps.

Virtual Event or App Dashboard > Settings > Custom

  • Logo color: 900px x 400px
    ❗It is the temporary loading image that appears when opening the event, while collecting all the data
  • Main Image for Computer Web: 2560px x 1600px
    ❗It is the image that appears when you open the App to access the event (if you have more than one event in the App, a list appears with their images)
  • Colors: color of the App and buttons. In HEX format (👉Check this article to know the HEX code of a color

App after introducing the access code:

Virtual Event or App Dashboard > Home > Home App

To customize the App design you can choose between two Home layouts. You need to decide which one to activate in your event and gather the following images:

  • Option Grid: Quick and direct access to your more importante sections, highlighting the general image or video.
    Use the main image for computer web: 2560px x 1600px

  • Option TV Hub: Display the content visually to make it even easier for the audience.
    Mobile Cover Background: 750px x 750px

TIP❗In both options, you can add a VIDEO instead of the image MOBILE COVER BACKGROUND, in the STREAMING > ACTIVATE ON HOME SCREEN section 
+ info 👉 What is the Streaming section and what is it for?

IMPORTANT ❗: If you hire a native branded App for your event, you will also have to review 👉 App Branding Guide