What is the Lead Scanner module?

It allows your attendees to keep the contact information of new people they meet at the event.

Who can use this module?

All attendees of the event can benefit from this functionality and scan the contact information of other attendees they meet at the event, although it is usually particularly popular among booth representatives and attendees they meet with.

They only need to download the app, either Eventsbox by Meetmaps or the event's native app.

How to activate the Lead Scanner module?

Like any other module, you must activate it. 👉 How to make a module visible?

How does the Lead Scanner module of the app work?

Suppose "Attendee A" wants to save the contacts of "Attendee B". Once both A and B have downloaded the event app, Attendee A should access the Lead Scanner section and click on the scan icon:

Asistente B, on the other hand, should click on the QR Accreditation module to display their QR code on the app to Asistente A, so they can scan it.

Once the QR code is scanned, Asistente A will be asked to accept the Privacy Policy and consent the processing of Asistente B's data, taking responsibility for it.


Once the Data Confirmation has been accepted, the new contact will be displayed in the Lead Scanner section. Here, the attendee A can add private notes about the contact of attendee B (which will only be visible to A).


It is also possible to export the scanned contacts data by clicking on the "Export". After clicking on export, Assistant A will receive a .csv document with the information.


NOTE 🗒️: The contact data that attendees can share and download corresponds to the fields that you have enabled in the Properties > Profile section 👉 What is the Profile tab in the Properties module?