What is the Explore module?

If you want to encourage networking among your attendees, this module is of special interest for your event.

The Explore module displays all users who have logged into your event and is very useful for networking, as well as for the attendee to have a sense of community and know who else is participating in the event.

To activate this module, you should go to the Modules section (in the side menu) and you will find it as "Explore". From the activated modules section, you can decide the location of this module in both the App and the web, and change the name of the module too.
+ info 👉 How to configure modules?

Once you have configured the location of the Explore module, as attendees log into the event, they will appear in the order they logged in for the first time. Therefore, the order of the users is determined based on this premise. The first users you will see on the screen are only those who have recently logged in for the first time.

How the Explore module is displayed:

In the Virtual Web Event💻:

In the App 📱:


You can also search for specific users through the search bar or filter users by roles.

How to view a user's profile:

In the attendee list, when you click on a user's card, their profile will appear with all the information the user has provided. As organizers, we can decide which data we want to display and which data we don't, because there may be some data that we have requested in the registration form (such as billing information) that we do not want to be public and visible to other users. These settings can be configured in the Properties section, under the Profile tab.

In the web version💻, the profile of attendees is displayed as follows:

In the App 📱, the profile of attendees is displayed as follows:


The user can change the provided data at any time as defined by the event administrator in PROPERTIES > EDIT PROFILE (both in the Virtual Web Event 📱 and in the App 📱).

1) In the Edit Profile option.

2) In the same Explore tab, when you find your own user, you will see an Edit Profile button.

PRO TIP💡 It is important to activate the Messages module, also within the Modules section, to enable the exchange of messages between attendees.


IMPORTANT ❗Remember to activate the Messages module 📬, also in the Modules section, for an optimal exchange of messages between attendees, see here how to do it.