What is the Messages module and what is it for?

In this article we will explain what the Messages module is, how to activate it and why it is useful for your virtual event.

In the Modules section of the side menu, you will find the available modules to add to your virtual event to activate different functionalities. One of them is the Messages module. 
This module aims to facilitate communication via chat between the attendees of your event.

How to activate it 

Locate the Messages module in the panel. If it is not in the list of Activated Modules, you will find it under Deactivated Modules. There, you will have to click on the "➕" (More) button so that it will appear in the Activated Modules section on the right.

Once the Messages module is activated, you will find 3 columns starting with the word App, which refer to the 3 available locations within the App to display the module once it is activated: App Lateral, App Inferior and App Principal. The last column Web Superior refers to the configuration inside your virtual event in the Web version.  

To make the module visible, you will have to tick ☑️on the locations that interest you. 

NOTE 📃: The visible modules are those with a white tick on a blue background ☑️.

NOTE 🗒️; there is one automated email linked to the module messages to be sent and to activate, which is only sent the first time an attendee contacts another:

- When sending a chat

METRICS 🔢  You can download the details of who sent a message to whom and at what time. Of course, we do not record the content of the message 🤐.

+ info 👉 How to download the event metrics?

How it is displayed on App:

  • App Lateral (image 1): the Messages module will appear in the side menu of the event in App version.
  • App Inferior (image 2): the Messages button will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • App principal (image 3): the Messages button will appear in the center grid of the screen.

How it is displayed on the Web:

By activating the button in the last column for the Message module, it will be displayed in the virtual event web version as a message icon and not as a section of the top web menu.

Thus, if an attendee has contacted us and sent us a message, it will appear in this section: 

IMPORTANT ❗: it is essential to enable this function whenever you want to generate networking among attendees by activating the Explore module in the Modules section.