What are certificates and how are they configured?

Meetmaps allows you to generate virtual attendance certificates and send them through email campaigns to all those users who have participated in the event

Certificates of attendance are very important to many event attendees and now it's easier than ever to set up, create and send them 😎.

How to configure a certificate?

Certificates 🏅 are configured in the Registration Panel, within the "Certificates" section on the left side menu. To create a new certificate you must click on the blue button "Create template":

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When we have done, a pop up will open in which you will have to add all the information that will apply to that certificate:

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  • Certificate name: this name will not be seen by the client, it is a reference so that the organizer of the event can quickly identify it in case of having more than one
  • Accreditation: here you have to select the property/role to which it applies, that is, only users who have a property assigned can have that certificate. If left in "General" all registered users will be able to receive the certificate.

IMPORTANT ❗: for a property to serve as a filter for that certificate, it must be created as a "single selection" property and its switch must be activated in the "Properties > Import" section of the side menu 👇 ¿How to create α property?


Size: here you define the size of the certificate 📏. Automatically, the assigned size is 210 x 297 mm, but you can modify it as you need

Background: This background will be the design 🖼️ that you customize for the certificate. This document must be uploaded in PNG format

Fields: you can organize the location of the "name", "surname", "company" and "position" fields in the certificate, the typography, the orientation of the text and, finally, if you want to add a QR code.


NOTE 📃: you have the option to choose the size of the text, the maximum number of characters it can have and the distance between the fields (interline spacing)

Once the certificate is configured, you must click on the "Edit template" button to save the new certificate created. By doing so, two new buttons will appear: delete template and generate certificate.

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Every time you make any changes or edits to the certificate design, you must update those changes by clicking on the "Edit template" button.

To preview the design you must click on "Generate certificate" and "Download", doing so will open a page in a separate tab with the certificate, where you can see how the changes you have applied are:

Captura de pantalla 2023-05-10 a las 18.11.11

Certificate sample preview


When you are happy with the design of the certificate 🏅you will have to close the editor by clicking on the upper X, and in the menu activate the certificate by clicking on the switch and then click on the "Actions > Generate certificates" button, in this way the certificate is generated for all the selected users (doing this step does not imply sending the certificate yet 😜):



Yippee!!! You have already created and generated the certificates for the attendees of your event 🚀.

Now, all that remains is to send them through campaigns. Do you want to know how? We recommend you take a look at this article 👉  How to send α certificate?