How to create a Quiz?

Discover how to create a quiz step by step

The Quiz module allows you to create a Quiz where the users will have to answer a set of questions. They will have to select the right answer in a specific timing, testing their knowledge and reinforcing messages in a dynamic and fun way.

Here we tell you, step by step, how to create a Quiz:

  1. From the Virtual Event or App Dashboard, go to the Quiz section in the sidebar menu. To create your first quiz, click on the "New Quiz" button.

  2. A pop up will appear where you will have to enter the Quiz title and, optionally, a description or instructions for solving the quiz. You will have to indicate the seconds the user will be allowed to answer the questions and solve the quiz. 
  3. To start adding questions just click on "Add questions +" on the quiz you created. 
  4. A pop up will appear where you can write the question (you can add as many as you like repeating the "Add question" step). You will have to indicate multiple possible answers and check the right one; once selected, the tick will become green. 
  5. To edit or delete any question, click on the "Edit" or "Delete" button at the right side of each question.
  6. To change the display order of the questions, you can use the 6 dots at the left side, dragging it up or down.

NOTE: from the "eye" icon you can make you Quiz visible whenever you consider it. With the "lock" button you can close the Quiz to stop receiving answers. The third button is to show the results upon answering. And with the last button, the "arrow down" you can download the Quiz results.