How to create a survey

Get feedback from attendees using the survey module and capitalize on the information.

With Meetmaps, you can create surveys and share them with event attendees, allowing you to gather useful information. Follow these steps 👇, you'll see how easy it is: 

  1. Go to the Surveys section in the left side menu of the Virtual Event Panel and App, and click on the "New Survey" button.
  2. When you do so, a window will open to create the survey. You will have to assign a Title and, optionally, a description. Both will be visible in the survey: think of an appealing text that invites participation 💁.
  3. By clicking on the "Add question" button within the created survey you will be able to start adding the necessary questions or fields.
  4. When creating the new question, you must indicate what the question is, whether it should be mandatory or not, and choose the type of answer.

You can choose between:

  • Free text📜: is the type of response that allows participants to respond in open text format based on their knowledge, feeling, and understanding about the topic in question. 
  • Rating⭐: here the attendee can indicate the maximum rating for the question in question by selecting the number of stars. 
  • Unique selection✅/ Multiple choice ☑️✅: can be single choice (unique option) or multiple choice (multiple choice option). This type of response allows participants to select one option or several, depending on the type of question asked.
  • Title✍️: this is not a type of question, but a title used to thank the attendee for completing the surveys.

View of a survey and the 4 types of responses:

Survey management options

At the top right of each survey created, you will find buttons with different management functions, would you like to know more about them👀?

Add question ➕: from this button you can add the questions you want to the survey.

Download 📥: once the survey is concluded, you have the option to download the results by clicking on this button.

Go to the survey: from here, you will get the URL of the survey to share it with the attendees and have them answer it. You can send this link to all the attendees by email through a Campaign 👉 How to create email campaigns?

IMPORTANT❗: If you complete the survey through the link, your results will be "anonymous" since they will not be logged in.

In case you don't want to have anonymous results: include email, name and last name (for example).

NOTE 🗒️: there is an automated email linked to the surveys module (through the APP only, when you are logged in) to send and activate:

  • When a survey is completed

Visible 👁️: by clicking on the "eyeball" button, you can make visible or hide the surveys you have created. This variable is especially useful if you share the survey during the event. 

Close 🔒: with this button, you can close the survey, and you will no longer receive new answers.

Edit 📝: if needed, you have the option to edit the survey content.

Delete 🗑️: you would delete the entire survey permanently. 

TIP 💡: you can also Edit or Delete the questions you have created within the survey.

How to visualize the survey?

  • App📱: activate the Surveys module in Side, Main and/or Bottom App; this way it will be available in the event app and attendees will be able to answer the survey(s) directly from there 👉 How to make a module visible?
  • Virtual Web event 🖥️: you will have to create a new module of URL in type, and insert the URL ↗️ of the survey. If you activate this new module in Top Web it will also be available in the virtual web event 👉 How to create a new module?

Are you interested in knowing what your attendees think? Create a survey 📄 and get answers.