How can I create a new module?

Find out how to create a new module from scratch and what types

In a previous article, we have explained how to activate and deactivate those modules that fall within the contracted plan. But Meetmaps also offers the option to create other modules.

In order to create them, you must go to "Modules" in the side menu and then click on "New menu +". Once done, a pop-up window appears:

Here you can choose the configuration of your new module:

- Icon: Choose an icon for your new module (only visible in app)

- Title: Name the new module

- Type: The most commonly used modules are of the following types:

  • Url In: Once you click on the module, it opens in the platform the content of the web page whose link we put in the "Content" section, thus obtaining an immersive experience of an external URL within the virtual event. 

It is like embedding an external website within the virtual event, where the user will maintain the navigation menu and look & feel of the event page on top web

  • Url Out: When this module is clicked, the content of the web page whose link we put in the "Content" section will open in another tab.
  • Section: you can add different HTML pages in one section module.
  • HTML page: If you generate content within the "HTML Page" tab of the side menu, you will see the option to create that page as a module.
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  • Stage: With a stage module we can create the stage where the event will be streamed. 
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  • Rooms: in this module you can link a room from the agenda directly (for Streamings, for example).
  • Exhibitors: a module where you can display a category of exhibitors.

- Social network: This option only works in App

- Itinerary: From here you can make the module you create visible only to a group of attendees, using the itineraries

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