Who can manage the Check-in Meetmaps app at the event?

We'll explain how to enable users to control the attendance of your event.

For your next in-person event, remember that you can use the Check-in Meetmaps app to manage access control.

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For now, we'll explain who can use this app during the event. You have 2 options:

  1. Be an event administrator 👉 What is an administrator and how to add administrators to an event?

IMPORTANT ❗You will also have to be an assistant (as well as an administrator).

  1. Enable a reader or external readers. In this case, from the Registration panel, in the Check-in section, the Configuration tab, by clicking on the "Create reader ➕" button, you can create random usernames and passwords for the different external devices (both the username and password are automatically generated by the software).
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TIP 💡: Readers are usually generated and shared with the event staff. This way, it is not necessary to share full access to the administrator panel.

Once this is done, all you have to do is download the Check-in Meetmaps app (available for both iOS and Android) and enter the username and password, either for the administrator or the external reader, and you're ready to register entries and exits 🚀!