What status can an attendee have in a virtual event?

Discover the status that an attendee of a virtual event can have within the system of our Event Management Software

Throughout the time it takes to prepare and carry out your virtual event, the attendee can go through various states within the system:

  • Guest: an attendee marked as a guest indicates that he/she has been invited to register via email to the registration form but has not yet registered, i.e., has not yet filled out the registration form. An attendee with the status Guest will not be allowed to access the virtual event.
  • Registered: an attendee marked as Registered indicates that they have completed the registration form and therefore will have authorization to access the virtual event or App.
  • Activated user: an attendee marked as an Activated user indicates that he has already logged into the virtual event or App and therefore has already seen the content of your event. Making the simile of a face-to-face event, they would be those people who have finally attended the event.
  • Pending: there is a fourth status which is Pending, and it only applies when you have activated the Validate attendees functionality in the event. The Pending status refers to the attendees that you have not validated or accepted to access the event yet.

NOTE💡: To introduce users as guests you can do it by importing a database or manually adding a guest in the dashboard database. In both options it is required to automate an invitation email to complete the registration form.

NOTE💡💡: Remember that you can always manually add a registrant or import them if you have used your own registration form external to Meetmaps.

It is important to know the difference between each of them to be clear at all times in what situation your attendees are in, and if they are reaching the desired participation objectives. On the contrary, you can apply measures how to launch segmented campaigns to users who appear as guests to register, or to those who are registered and have not yet accessed the content of your event.

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View a summary of your users' status

In addition, from the dashboard you will be able to view a summary of the total number of users who are currently guests, of those who have already registered and those who are already activated as users. You will only have to go to the Dashboard section of the side menu (it is the first option)

To view the status of a user, 👉 see this article.