What response options are available when creating a property?

Discover what types of fields are available when creating a property

When you create a property you can choose the Field Type.

These are the available options:

  • Text: the user will have to respond with a text. For example: Name

  • Long description or Text area: it is a field where the user will have the opportunity to write a long text. For example: Brief description of the field of your research

  • Selectable or Unique selection: the user will get a drop-down with a series of options that can only choose one. For example: Will you attend virtually? Options: YES / NO
  • Multiple selection: you offer different options and the user can choose more than one. Example: When will you arrive at the venue? 

  • Checkbox: if you are interested in configuring a field with a checkbox. For example: I am interested in subscribing ...
  • Date: if users have to insert a date. Example: date of birth
  • File: the user will have to upload a file. Acceptable formats are pdf, jpg and png. For example: Abstract, Paper or CV

NOTE 🗒️: The "File" property is only available for the registration form