What is the Contact module and what is it for?

Learn how to facilitate the communication of the attendees with the organizers of the event

During the event, attendees might have doubts or inquiries for which they might need to contact you. To do so, you have at your disposal a tool that will allow the attendee to write to you easily and directly: the Contact module.

How to configure the Contact module? 

  1. Go to the General Information section. In the General tab, towards the bottom, you will find the Ways of Contact section with the contact email and contact phone fields.
  2. Then, from the Virtual Event Panel or App, go to the Modules section of the left side menu, and activate the Contact module by clicking on the "➕" button. How to make a module visible?

APP📱 : if you activate the Contact module in Side, Bottom or Main App, attendees will be able to contact you also from the event app.

How will attendees contact you? 

  • Virtual Web Event 🖥️: by clicking on the user (top right of the screen) within the event. There, a submenu will be displayed with the option to Contact the organization, i.e. you.
    Clicking on the option will open a window to write the message.

  • Main or Home tab of the Virtual Web Event 🏠: if you have activated the Contact module switch when configuring the content of the Home section, the attendees will see the Contact ways previously added in the General Information section, and they will also be able to send you a message.
  • APP 📱: it is displayed either in the side menu, in the bottom or in the main menu, depending on what you have indicated in the Modules section.

How will the organizers receive these messages 💬? 

All those users who are registered as platform administrators will receive notifications of new messages 📫 sent by event attendees, both via web and app 👉 (What is an administrator and how to add administrators to an event?)

NOTE: when an attendee sends a message, as an administrator you will receive a notification 📫 in your inbox with email information + first and last name + subject and description of their question or doubt.

With the attendee's email data you will be able to reply, from your own mailbox 📧, to the attendee.

How to track received messages?

To better organize the management of responses you have the Contact section, in the side menu of the Web and App Panel. This tool is very useful🚀, especially if there is more than one administrator in the event, facilitating internal communication.

To track and control requests, the module has two sections:

  • Pending tickets: includes new tickets and answered ones (pending to close them, because you are expecting an answer or you are still processing it).
  • Resolved tickets: includes closed requests.


Make yourself available to event attendees through the Contacts module, and help them have a 🔝 experience.