How to send the badges to the attendees?

If you have generated credentials (badge builder) for your event, we will explain how you can send them to the attendees through a campaign.

This step is very simple. After having created the badges 🎫 and generated the corresponding badges, you will need to set up a Campaign to deliver the document to the attendees. 👉 What are email campaigns?

IMPORTANT ❗: Don't forget to generate the badges before sending the campaigns. 👉 Badge Builder Guide

REMEMBER💡 This is a good option if you want your attendees to print their badge at home.
Another fully digital option is to send only the QR instead of the badge.

Step by step: 

Creating the campaign:

1. Go to the Email section, to the Campaigns section, and click on the "Create Campaign" button. 


2. Select "Create with email Builder".


3. hoose the "Email de envío de acreditación" template.


4. Choose the option to send the campaign with "select filter" (don't do it with "import database!).


5. While you'll need to edit the content and customize the message, this template includes a module to download each attendee's personal badge 🎫 and the option to download that document.


REMEMBER 📢: Sender's email: If you want to use your own email, get in touch with Meetmaps' sales team.

Finally, click on "Create Campaign" and you will have created it. 💪 Now, onto the sending!

Sending the badge campaign

While in the Campaigns section within the Emails tab, find the newly created campaign and click on the "Schedule Delivery" button. Depending on what you selected in step 3 (database import or attendee filters), proceed with the sending. You'll have two options:

  • Send Now
  • Schedule Send