How to hide an attendee?

Discover how to hide users from your attendee list.

If you use the Attendee List section in your virtual event for networking purposes, you may not want the staff or organizers to be visible in that section. In that case, it is very useful to use the option to hide an attendee so that other users cannot see their profile or network with them.

To hide the profile of an attendee and make it invisible to other users, go to the Attendee List section of your Event Management Software, which you can find in the left sidebar.

Next, locate the attendee you want to hide in the previously entered Attendee List. You can use the search function to find them more quickly.

1. Click on the user you want to hide and then the "View/Edit Attendee" tab.

EN 1-3

2. To hide the attendee, click on the "Visible" button (located at the top right, eye icon).

EN 2-2Once the eye icon turns red, the attendee will no longer be visible to other users connected to the virtual event or app.

NOTE: When an attendee is hidden, they still have access to the virtual event or app, but they will not be visible to other users when using networking tools.