How is the live Streaming managed in the Agenda by Rooms?

Manage streamings so that each new session shows on stage and your attendees have up-to-date information on what is happening at all times.

NOTA📋: By configuring the agenda by rooms you have the possibility to manage the streamings of your event in an autonomous way.

See how you can create rooms in your agenda here 👉: How to configure the agenda by rooms?

You can set the streaming to be defined at two levels.

  1. ROOM LEVEL: This will let you set one unique streaming for all sessions in that room.
  2. SESSION LEVEL: This will let you set a specific streaming for a session.


  1. First of all, at the App&Web Dashboard, ensure you have the streaming activated for your event with the "Activate Streaming" switch at the Streaming section of the side menu 👇:

  2. Then, go to the Agenda section, to the Rooms tab. Once there, you will find all the rooms you have already created. To add the streaming link to the rooms, click on the "Edit" button:
  3. A pop-up will open where you can add different streaming URLs for each language you have configured (IMPORTANT: the switch at the bottom left must be activated):

TIP 💡: add the links in the corresponding languages so that the language of the streaming display changes depending on the language chosen by the attendee.

A common streaming has been selected for all sessions in that room. This way, that streaming will always appear in the Event Scenario as a back up. The streaming in the session will depend on the one you have marked as "Live"👇:



With the configuration of agenda with rooms, the sessions, with their dates and times, are grouped by rooms.  Ensure you have activated the Virtual or Hybrid format. 

IMPORTANT ❗: If you want to broadcast the streaming from the Room, do not include a streaming link for the session.

If different links are added in the room and in the sessions, the streaming of the "Live" session will always prevail.

By clicking on the "Live" button for a session, you will be activating that session 📌.

The stage will display the streaming along with information of title, location, date, time, description, tracks, speakers, moderators and sponsors 💪:

When changing the live session (because the previous one has already ended), click on the "Live" button of the next session. When you do so, a pop-up will appear informing you that you will change the session that will appear on the stage:

By accepting this change, the streaming session will be automatically updated without the need for attendees to refresh 🔄 the page. In addition, a small banner will appear above the streaming screen informing them of the name of the new session they are viewing:

TIP 💡: if you have created a Stage or direct access tab to the streaming in the event (How to create a stage?) you can set the stage to be the room📌, instead of the individual session, so that the streaming content happens in the same space, without the attendee having to leave and re-enter each session depending on what time it is.

The agenda by rooms allows you to manage the content of the sessions and presentations individually through the "Live" button, gaining autonomy from the audiovisual point of view and optimizing the experience of attendees at the event. Are you up for it 🚀?