What is the Questions to the Speaker module and how to activate it?

Discover what the Q&A module of your Event Management Software entails.

The Questions to the Speaker module allows attendees to submit questions to the speakers, and these questions will be received by the organization for validation. Speakers have the option to accept or reject the question. If accepted, it will be displayed on all devices' screens and can also be broadcasted through the generated link.

This module is the equivalent in a physical event of the question and answer session where attendees raise their hands and request the microphone. The advantage here is that the organizer can decide whether they want the actual question to be presented to the speaker or not.

To add the Q&A module option to your event, follow the steps below:

  1. You must have the Questions to the Speaker activated in the session where you are going to conduct the streaming. Check this article to know how to do it.
  2. Once the questions are activated, go to the Modules section in the left-hand menu of the dashboard.
  3. It is important that the "Questions to the Speaker " module is in the Activated Modules section, and the checkboxes for the devices on which you want this section to be visible are checked.

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PRO-TIP 💡 Want to see how the Speaker Questions content looks in your virtual event? Don't forget that you can do so with the button located in the top menu called "Preview Event". This way, you can ensure that all information is correctly entered and reflected in your Event Management Software.

METRICS 🔢 You can download information on who has sent the question, in which session they did it, and the status of the question (pending, live, archived, or deleted).

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