What is the personal access code and how does it work?

Discover how does the personal access code work and how to facilitate users' access to the App or Virtual Venue users

What is the access code?

The access code is an unique alphanumeric code assigned to an attendee. It allows them to log in to an event and access the content of the Virtual Venue / App.

This login is what allows the organizer to obtain metrics regarding the use and the consumption of the Virtual Venue / App content. 

✏️ IMPORTANT: Access codes are unique to each event. If you organize multiple events with the same attendees, they will receive a different access code for each event. 

How is the access code generated?

The platform automatically generates the access code since the moment an attendee registers on the Attendees List of an event. To ensure the attendee´s privacy, the code is encrypted on our servers 🔒 and the organizer cannot read nor access it. 

For an attendee to consult its access code, the organizer must send an Password Email that contains the following variables: 

  • Attendee user:  {user_email} 
  • Personal Access Code 🗝️:  {user_pass}

✏️ NOTE: Each access code is linked to the email address the user registered with. Therefore, it is essential to communicate both pieces of information.

Variables are how the platform delivers personalized data to each user and sends it en masse or automatically, without having to write each email individually.

✏️ NOTE: In the Emails ✉️ section you can choose from several Email templates for sending credentials that already contain these variables. Check this article to learn how to create an email from templates.

How can an user access code be modified?

Both the user and the organizer can modify the access code.  

👉 Check this article if you want to learn the step by step.

IMPORTANT ❗: the same password, and that it is known by the administrator, is not recommended since there could be cases of identity supplementation, etc.

It is especially sensitive for events in which there is interaction between attendees (messages, 1tot1 meetings, etc.)

Can the same code be assigned to all the attendees of an event?

By default, the platform generates an unique alphanumeric encrypted password to guarantee the security and privacy of the attendees by protecting their identity. That´s why the same access code can´t be assigned to all the attendees. 

Often, there is a need to make access easier for those attendees who might not be tech savy or are concerned about losing their credential email and not knowing how to connect. However, we have that covered for you.

Below are some good tips 💡 on how to facilitate their access:

  • 👉 The day prior to the event and a few hours before it begins, send a campaign containing the access code. Make sure to provide detailed instructions on how to use the code to log in to the Virtual Venue or the App.
  • 👉 In case an email gets lost during the process, you can resend the credential email. To do so, go to the Attendees List, search for the attendee's name, click on it, and select the "Resend credentials" option from the menu.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 10.50.15

✏️ IMPORTANT: Before you can resend a credential, you must first set up and link an email template. If you do not have an email template selected for that action, the system will notify you.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 10.51.17

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 10.51.47

  • 👉 If you find yourself in a hurry, you can always modify the access code. 
    Check out this article to learn how to do it.

And that's it!

You now know all the ins and outs of the access code and how to manage it efficiently 😉 🚀