What is the news module and how is it configured?

Find out how to upload news in your event

The news module allows you to add information related to the event to provide more details to the attendees. This module is available for the Landing and the App (not for the Virtual Event Web).

How to create news 📰?

1. Navigate to the App & Web Dashboard of your event in the left sidebar menu and choose the News section.

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2. Click on the "Create News" button, assign a publication date, a title, the body of the news, and upload any images you want to accompany the news.

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NOTE 📃: The news title, body, and images can be edited and modified later without any issues.

TIP 💡: When adding photos to the news, make sure to leave sufficient top and bottom margins to avoid cutting off the photo on different screens where it is displayed in the App and Landing.


You can also:

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  • Make it visible with the "eye 👁️" button.
  •  Delete it with the 'Delete' 🗑️ button.
  • Edit the content with the 'Edit' 📝 button.
  • Export visualization metrics from the "Actions" button. You will know which attendees have viewed the news (email, name, and surname), specific news, the date of access, and time by downloading the file in .csv format.

Visualization in the Landing version of the news:

Once you have configured the news, they will be visible in the 'News' section on the Landing or App.

Users can choose the news they want to read by clicking on them.

How it looks on the Landing:

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How it looks on the App📱:

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