What is the Attendees Document module and how to set it up in the App?

Through the Attendees Document module it is possible to upload customize documents for each attendee.

This functionality is available in the App, both in Eventbox by Meetmaps and in the Branded app. 

In a very simple way, you can set up personal documents for event attendees, and each person can view their private information in the app. For example, flight or hotel reservations.

How to set the Attendees Document module up?
From the Virtual Event or App Panel, go to the Attendees Document module in the sidebar menu.

Once here, click on the "New Document +" button. A pop up screen will show up and here you“ll be able to link the attendee that should have been previously registered. You can only upload one document each time, and their maximum size can be 6Mb in .png, .pdf or .jpg. 

You can also name each document. This is the name that the assistant will see when opening the document. 

As you add new documents to each attendee, they will be listed, and you will have the option to view the file, edit its name, or delete it for the attendee.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 11.43.34

TIP 💡: Take advantage of the searcher bar to easily find documents

REMEMBER ⏰: To make this module visible you need to activate it in the "Module" section in the sidebar menu 👉 How to make a module visible?

How to visualize the personalized content in the App?

You can access to the section either from the Lateral, Inferior or Main menu in the App, depending on the setting. Here you‘ll see the documents by its name. Click on each one of them and you have access to the document information. 

And that‘s it! Now you can show your attendees personalized content.