What are metrics and which ones are available?

If you want to analice the impact of your event and the interaction among attendees, Meetmaps offers different metrics reports where you can evaluate the result of the project.

Metrics are essential numerical indicators of your virtual event. They offer insights into the various activities you have carried out throughout your event and measure attendees' engagement and participation.

There are different metrics you can download:
  1. Attendees List 🙋: You can download the list of attendees for your virtual event in .csv or .xlsx format, along with all the associated properties and filters. Additionally, if there are any attachments, it also enables you to download them (for example, if you have requested attendees to submit any documents like their CV during registration). Please note that the files will be downloaded in a zip format; once you unzip them, you will have individual files for each attendee.
  2. Agenda: You can download the total viewing time of each attendee for sessions with streaming in .xlsx format from your agenda. Moreover, if you have enabled the "Chat"💬 option in the agenda, you can also download the history of sent messages.
  3. Speaker Questions 🗣️: If the "Speaker Questions" option is active in your virtual event, you can download the history of questions asked per session in .xlsx format.
  4. Messages 🗨️: This feature allows you to download attendee interactions via messages in .xlsx format.
  5. Survey ✍️: If you have conducted one or more surveys for attendees during or after your virtual event, you can download the responses in .xlsx format to analyze them.
  6. Polls ☑️: If you have conducted polls for users during one or more streaming sessions, you can download the responses in .csv format.
  7. 1-to-1 Meetings 👋: If you have set up one-on-one meeting sessions, you can obtain a table of pending and confirmed meetings per session. This includes the time each attendee accessed the meeting room and, optionally, feedback from the attendees regarding the meeting.
  8. Missions: You can obtain the ranking of attendees and the points they have earned by participating in various quiz activities, surveys, or gamification elements.

NOTE 📃: You cannot download the content of the messages; you can only access information such as the sender, receiver, date, and the device used to send the message.

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