What are the abstracts?

Abstracts is a module designed to receive abstracts, posters, or papers for an event, facilitate the review and selection process, and publish the chosen ones on the App or Web.

Through the Abstracts module, organizers can centrally receive all abstracts, posters, or papers for an event without filling up the organization's email inbox. They can then review and validate the most interesting ones for direct publication on the App or Web. One of the major advantages is that authors have the option to directly input the content of their project using a generated link, making the management process much easier and efficient.

How to obtain the Abstracts form link?

From the Virtual Event or App Dashboard, navigate to the Abstracts section in the left sidebar menu. In the Abstracts tab, click the "Form" button to generate the link that you should share with different authors:


Fields to be completed by the abstract author: 

  • Title: name of the poster or project, allows up to 125 characters.
  • Description: space to add a project description in the event's supported languages. It's recommended to mention the team members involved in the presented work here 💪.
  • Main Author: main project responsible.
    • Name
    • SurName
    • Company
    • Position
    • Email
  • Video: authors can include a link (URL) to a presentation video.
  • Your Documents: section for uploading content in .pdf, .jpg, or .png format, up to 6Mb per document. It's essential to assign a name to each file before adding it.

IMPORTANT 📢: for both the video and documents, the author needs to toggle the switch to make this content visible in their space.

After completing the poster material and clicking the "Send Abstract" button, a pop-up confirming the submission will appear.


As authors submit their forms, they will automatically appear in the Abstracts section, creating a list of received abstracts that the organizer can manage.


Editing and management options for the organizer regarding the abstract: 

1. Validation: accept ✔️ or reject ❌ the project. Once accepted, it will be visible at the event for all attendees. This action can be linked to an automatic email send-out (see here for how to do it). 

2. House-shaped Button 🏚️: Here, you can review the content uploaded by the author when filling out the form and activate the Contact option. This allows interested attendees to contact the author by sending a message from the same poster. To make the option to send a message to an author visible, you must validate their abstract first 👆.

3. Eye-shaped Button 👁️: Makes the poster visible or hidden, once accepted.

4. Three-Dots Button: You can edit and assign a category if you've created one to classify the poster content in the event.


To create these categories, go to the Categories tab and click the "New Category +" button.


REMEMBER 💡: You must activate the Abstracts module from the Modules section of the sidebar, selecting the appropriate option. For the virtual event, you need to activate the button in the "Top Web" column👉 How to make a module visible

NOTE 🗒️; there are two automated emails linked to the abstracts to be sent and to activate:

- when accepting an abstract
 - when rejecting an abstract

How to access and view a poster?



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