Which are the 3 dashboard types?

Differences between the Virtual Event or App Dashboard, Registration Dashboard and Meetings Dashboard

Below we detail the differences between the dashboards of our Event Management Software, so you know where to go depending on the configuration or content you want to upload for your event.

1. Virtual Event or App Dashboard 

All the content of the Virtual Event Web and the App is managed from this dashboard. 

To load the content you will have to use the sections that you will find in the left side menu. 

NOTE 📃: The web and app will only be able to display the content that you have uploaded from the sections that you have hired in your license. 

Read this article to learn how to make a module visible on Web or App.


2. Registration Dashboard

From the registration dashboard, you can manage and configure all the content related to the registration form, landing, and accesses. To upload this content you must go to each of the sections that you can find in the left side menu.

NOTE 📃: Although the landing configuration is done from the Registration panel (in the landing section), the content must be uploaded from the Virtual Event or App dashboard, which allows you to upload the content only once and optimizes the management since everything is controlled from the same place.


3. Meetings Dashboard 

From this dashboard, you can manage both the configuration and the content related to the Meetings1to1. To do so, you will have to go to each of the sections you find in the left side menu.


💡As you will notice, in all 3 dashboards there is an Event management section, which entails general configuration functionalities that allow you to do the basic configurations from any of the dashboards.