What are itineraries used for?

Find out what itineraries are for and how to set them up

The agenda itineraries are used to set up agenda sessions that are only visible to specific users. 

Hey! 📢 Itineraries allow you to limit the visibility of agenda sessions

How to configure itineraries 

To schedule itineraries, you must first go to the "Properties" section and then click on "Add property +" and click on "+ Create property". Once here, you can name the property whatever you want (in this case it is called "Itineraries"), and then set the field type to Unique choice

Once you have added the different options, you must go to the "Agenda" section, and add the itineraries created to their corresponding sessions.

For example, if you want the session "The future of AI and robotics in the service of elevating humanity this century" to be seen only by those attendees who have "Agenda 1" as their itinerary, you have to go to that session in the agenda, click on "Edit" and scroll down to the "Itineraries" section. There you select the property "Itineraries" - "Agenda 1" and save the changes:

Finally, you only need to configure which users fall under the "Agenda 1" itinerary. To do so, go to the "Attendee List" section and, once there, select the users in question and click on "Assign as", "Itineraries" - "Agenda 1".

How a user with "Agenda 1" itinerary sees the agenda:

How a user with no itinerary or with a different itinerary sees the agenda: