Who can access the published content of an event?

Learn about the different types of access: pre-invited, by code or free depending on the contracted product

Depending on the type of product you have subscribed to, you can configure a specific type of access to the content. If you're hosting a virtual web event, only registered users in the database will have access to the content. However, if you're using only the app (virtual web event), you have more options to choose from. Here's an explanation of everything:


Option available for Virtual Web Event and App (Native and Eventsbox)

This option means that only individuals listed in the Attendees List can access the content. They will use an email and password that were previously communicated through a scheduled email containing credentials. Therefore, if a user is not on the attendees list, they won't be able to access the virtual event from either the app or the web.

To activate this mode, you need to go to the Settings section in the side menu and select the Access tab. Once there, in the Access to Content section, you'll find the three possible access options. For this case, choose the "Pre-invited" option:


IMPORTANT: If you're organizing a virtual web event, the Pre-Invited option will always be enabled, as the Free Access and Event Code options are available for events that use only the App.



Option only available for events using the Eventsbox App

This option is used when your event is hosted on the Eventsbox App. Users are required to enter an access code that you've defined, which gives them the choice to log in or register for the event. The event code serves as a way to verify that the user is familiar with the event, as you will have previously communicated it to your potential attendees.

To activate this mode, select the "Event Code" option in the Access tab. Then, you'll need to input the chosen code for this event and click the "Save" button.

This code is the same for all attendees and cannot match the code of another event (as it functions as a sort of event ID).



Option only available for events using the Native App

In this mode, anyone who registers or logs into the app can access the content of the virtual event. To activate this mode, select the "Free Access" option in the Access tab.


IMPORTANT: If you have contracted Eventsbox, it won't be possible to have open access to the event. This option is available only for Native Apps.

Furthermore, within the event, you can configure certain users to see specific content through itineraries. If you want to learn more 👉 What are itineraries used for?