What is attendees' validation?

Learn here how to define which attendees will access the event

Attendees' validation is a function that allows adding an extra step between the attendees that fill out the registration form and those that receive the event inscription confirmation, in which the administrators can accept or reject the inscription request. 

IMPORTANT ❗: to use attendees' validation ✅ you must contact your account manager of the Meetmaps team so that they can activate this function 

NOTE 📃: this function only applies to those cases in which attendees register through a registration form. In the case of attendees' importation or manual registration, attendees will appear as "Accepted" automatically. 

With the attendees' validation activated, in the "Attendee List" section on the left side menu, you will find two additional columns: "Validation" and "Validate".  

And ... what do these columns mean? 

  • Validate: you will have to click on the green tick ✔️ to accept or the red cross  to reject 
  • Validation: by doing so, the status of the attendee will appear in this column 
    "Accepted", "Rejected", or "Pending", if you have not applied the ✔️ or ❌ in the previous step

IMPORTANT ❗: if you reject ❌ a user, you will not be able to accept them later. Once rejected, even if you send them the event's credentials, they will not be able to access the event. 

Even if you accept or reject, you can link an automatic email with a different message, 
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