What is attendees' validation?

In this article we explain how to define which attendees will access the event

Attendee validation is a functionality that allows adding an extra step between attendees filling out the registration form and receiving confirmation of registration for the event, in which administrators can accept or reject that registration request.

NOTE 📃: this function only applies to those cases in which attendees register through a registration form. In the case of attendees' importation or manual registration, attendees will appear as "Accepted" automatically. 

How to Configure It

Activate attendee validation in Registration > Registration Form > Settings:


How it works

With attendee validation activated, in the "Attendees List" section you will find an additional Validation column:


In this column the event organizer will validate or reject the attendees.

NOTE ✉️: there are two automatic emails linked to the validation of attendees to be sent and activated:

  • When validating an attendee
  • When rejecting an assistant
💡Please note that the automatic email "When registering through the form" can also be activated (this email usually explains that the attendee will shortly receive a new email with the validation or rejection of  the registration).

Need a refresher regarding the emails module? + info 👉 What is the email section and how to configure it? Email guide

In case you need to change the validation status of an attendee, you can do so by clicking on the pencil and paper icon



And there you have it! It's that easy 💥!