What is a track and how is it configured?

Tracks are tags that you can assign to the sessions in the agenda to facilitate the search and filtering of conferences by topic

Tracks 🏷️ help to differentiate the content of one session in the agenda from another. This tool is used to speed up the search for sessions in the agenda in a quick and visual way.

The tracks are available for the App and the Virtual Web Event (no Landing).

To configure the tracks for your event, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Agenda > App&Web
2. To create a track 🏷️, click on the "New track" button. Here you must assign a name and, optionally, a color to the label. Both will be visible in the event agenda.

3. If you want to edit a track already created, click on the "Edit" button to change the name of the track or its color.
4. Now, go to the "Sessions" tab, also in the Agenda section, to link the tracks 🏷️ to the sessions. Here, simply click on the "3 dots" button to Edit, if you have already created the session, in the "Track" field select the track(s) that correspond to the session in question.

Yes, you can add multiple tags to sessions, and it looks great 🎨!

REMEMBER💡 In the App you can configure whether or not the tracks are seen in the agenda from Agenda > Settings