What type of fields can a survey have?

Discover the different fields that you can have in a survey

When creating a survey from the dashboard, you can choose from the following types of fields:

  • Free text 📜: This type of text allows participants to answer writing a text. It can be used to express knowledge, feelings or understanding of a specific topic. 
  • Rating ⭐: The attendee will be able to rate the question using the starts as the scale. As an organizer, you can choose the amount of starts you want to show. 
  • Selectable✅/Multiple Choice ☑️✅: it can be single (selectable option) or multiple (multiple choice option). These type of answers allow attendees to select one or several answers depending on the type of question. 
  • Title ✍️: It is not a type of question, instead a text that´s used to thanks the attendees for completing the survey  

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