What are conditional fields and how are they used in a registration form?

Conditional fields allow an attendee to see different fields to fill in the form depending on the options they have chosen.

What are conditional fields?

Conditional fields are form fields that only appear after the user has selected one answer or another. This way, additional fields are revealed to be filled in based on the chosen response.
For example, we have an event has buyers and sellers, but as organizers we only want buyers to answer the question, "What products are you interested in?":

EN 1

But we don't want users who have selected that they are sellers to have this option 🙈:

EN 2

How are conditional fields configured?

This configuration is very simple, and in a few steps, you can have a form with conditional fields:

1. In the Registration Panel, go to the Registration Form section in the left-hand menu. Here, in the Form tab, you will find the Form Fields section, where you should "Add property" and create it as a "Single selection" type:

EN 3EN 4

EN 5

Following the example, the question "Are you a buyer or seller?" has been completed, and the field type "Single Selection" has been indicated, with the options: buyer and seller.

❗IMPORTANT❗only Single Selection type properties allow conditioning fields in the form.

This property will be the one that will later condition that more fields are displayed, depending on the option chosen.

2. Now, you need to create the fields that will appear when the user selects one of these options. To do this, go to the Registration Form and click on the "Create section" button. This will be a section where the fields to appear for each of the options will be configured. The title of the section can be visible, or you can choose to hide it.

EN 6
EN 7
3. Once this new section is created, you should add the properties that you want to be the conditional fields.

EN 8-1

EN 10

4. Finally, you have to edit the property that will serve as the filter for the conditional fields and associate the condition to the corresponding response. In the example's case, the filter property is "Are you a buyer or seller?". When editing the property, under the "Buyer" option, you click on the dropdown and link the section that should be displayed when choosing the Buyer option.EN 9
Thus, if you choose the Buyer option, the section "What products are you interested in?" will be displayed, along with the field(s) to answer. By linking the option to a section, all the properties you create in that section will be displayed one below the other.

REMEMBER 📢: make sure that the EMAIL field appears in the General section of the form. This is a unique and essential field and must be common to all users, regardless of the option they choose after completing their registration.