How to send an email campaign test?

Check how your email campaign looks by sending a test to your email address

To check the layout of your email campaign you should follow the steps below:
  • Create a property or segment
  • Assign this segment to the respective users
  • Send to that segment

Step by step:

1. Go to the side menu of your event panel, Properties section, Import tab and click on the "Add property" button:

 2. You will be able to create a property with the name "Campaign Test", "Unique Selection" type and create the "Test" option:

3. Then as you already have the property created, go to the side menu of the panel of your event, section Attendees List, where you must find the email or emails to which you want to assign this property, select the emails at issue and click on the button "Assign as" >> "Test Campaigns" >> "Test". With this procedure you have created a segment of Test Campaigns within the database.

4. Again, go to the side menu of your event panel, Emails section, Campaigns tab. Click on the "Send" button and choose the "Select filter" option:

 5. Now select the segment of the property created previously, in this case "Campaign Test" and the value "Test"

6. Click on the "Continue" button and also on the "Send emails" button:

In this step, you will see the users that have been assigned this value/segment/property to verify the people to whom you are going to send the message.

Following these steps, you will receive a test of the created email campaign.

TIP💡: you can send yourself as many tests as you wish.