How to activate the sale of products or services in the form?

Learn how to list items for sale on the registration form

As if it were a virtual showcase 🛍️, in the registration form you have the option to sell products or services. Keep reading 👇 and do business!

IMPORTANT ❗: this functionality is associated with ticket sales 👉 How does the Tickets section work?


From the Virtual Event Panel or App, go to the Products section of the left side menu and click on the "Create Product" button.

By doing so, a pop up will appear where you will have to fill in the information of your product or service:

  • Name of the product/service (up to 20 characters) *
  • Description
  • Number of units available
  • Unit price 💳
  • Image of the product or service 👗

REMEMBER 📢: if your form is available in more than one language 🌐, you will have to add the name * and description data in each of these languages

Once you have the information filled in, you must click on the "Save changes" button.

CAUTION 👀: if you do not indicate price, it will be understood that the product/service is free. Similarly, if you do not indicate the number of units available, it will be configured as if you have unlimited stock of the product. Think about it carefully 😅 

Management options for the product/service created

  • Make it visible with the "little eye 👁️" button.
  • Delete it with the 🗑️ button.
  • Edit the content with the ⚙️ button.
  • Change the order of appearance with the "6 dots" button next to each product, dragging it up or down and dropping it where you prefer (drag & drop).
  • Export purchased products from the "Actions" button. You will know which attendees have purchased products (email, name and surname), which specific items, how many units and the date of purchase by downloading the file in .csv format.

IMPORTANT❗: the 🗑️ button to delete the product will be disabled as soon as you have sold one unit of the item.


Once you have the products or services configured, they will be displayed in the ticket purchase section of the registration form (second step in the registration process).

Users will be able to choose the item, the number of units they want to add to the cart and finalize the purchase by entering the data of a card. 

Do you want to sell products or services? Take advantage of the registration form and don't stop growing 🚀!